South Pole
Strangers in Antarctica


An arctic fox. A polar bear. A royal penguin. None of them belong in Antarctica, but a purpose has brought them to this inhospitable and dangerous environment, isolated thousands of kilometers away from the rest of the continents.

The South Pole is one of the most dangerous habitats of this planet, on which few species could survive.

However, our main characters are going to fit in perfectly there, despite these extreme conditions. And if you don’t believe it, begin reading this comic.

64 pages. Color - Hardback (SPANISH)

South Pole for tablets and Kindle

About the Project

South Pole began as a hobby. I started publishing first comic strips in my personal blog. As they were well received, I created their own website and hung up a new comic each week.

Later I did a version of the webpage in English, getting thousands of visits.

In 2011 Dibbuks published a compilation of all the strips, an album with 64 pages in full color (only in spanish). Also, I made a digital version for tablets and Kindle.