A story that talks about disability, fear of the unknown, the relationship between two siblings, the overcoming of a child and magical and about extraordinary beings.
Conejo Frustrado

Frustrated Rabbit

Rodolfo survives with his son and father in a small apartment on the outskirts. Follow his misadventures in a comic strip hooligan and endearing in equal measure.
Polo Sur

South Pole

A polar fox, a polar bear and a royal penguin. After a series of circumstances, they have ended up in Antarctica, an inhospitable and dangerous ecosystem ... What awaits them there?
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About me

Hi! I'm Mike Bonales.

I'm a professional since 2003 working as web designer, illustrator, cartoonist and animator. I have worked with advertising, audiovisual and technology companies for many clients drawing, designing, animating and even programming websites. I love illustration, and I'm specialized in cartoon and children's illustration, as you can see in this portfolio.

Also, I draw comics. I have published two comics with Dibbuks Editorial: Frustrated Rabbit and South Pole. The first one was published in an online newspaper each week. Furthermore, I've published comics with other publishing houses like Norma Comics, Random House, "El Jueves" and Dolmen. At present I work as UX/UI designer at Plain Concepts.