Rudolph was married once, but she left him for another guy. Unfortunately for Rudolf, the new guy was a lawyer. She kept the house and the car, but not his son Rudy. With no place else to go, he and his son were forced to move into an apartment with his old father.


Frustrated Rabbit 1
48 pages (Spanish)

Frustrated Rabbit 2
48 pages (Spanish)

Frustrated Rabbit 3
64 pages (Spanish)

Frustrated Rabbit 4
The End

About the project

Frustrated Rabbit was born as a comic strip for MAD Magazine (Spanish version) in 2006. After a few months the magazine closed and I decided to continue on my own, doing a review of each character until the version that everyone knows, a comic over 13 years old with a rather irreverent humor.

I created a website where every week a new strip was uploaded, and started to be as successful as the digital newspaper 20Minutos was interested in publishing them in his diary.

After that Dibbuks was the publisher responsible for publishing the first compilation of paper comics. The reception was very good, and I tried to make Frustrated Rabbit become a series of animation for adults. For this I used crowdfunding, and the result was a pilot episode animated and directed by Naysel Entertainment, thanks to the contributions of hundreds of patrons.

After this came volumes 2 and 3, also published by Dibbuks. The comic strip had a weekly episode from 2008 to 2015, at which point I decided to dedicate myself to other projects. All comic strips on paper have not yet been published, and there is still enough material to publish a fourth and final compilation volume. Stay tuned to my social networks ...