As Dad, Mom, and Tate traveled to the top of the Mountain they discovered that the Moon had lost a piece. It was Mom who picked it up, and to his great surprise he saw that it was a small baby, whom they called Cachito . Everyone was happy to have a new member in the family. However, something horrible and unexpected made her path disappear. From that moment on, nothing was the same again, and an adventure full of uncertainties and fears, but also achievements and smiles began. Their new path was very different, but it was full of magical beings that helped the family continue to climb to the top of the Mountain.

A story that talks about overcoming, fear of the unknown, the strength of a child and extraordinary travel companions.

The Story

40 pages (Spanish)

Digital Edition
in PDF format

How did it come about

Cachito is a story based on my personal experience with my young son, who has a disability. Shortly after birth, he began to have several dozen epileptic seizures a day, and after going through two hospitals they gave us a diagnosis: our little one had cortical dysplasia , a brain malformation that caused these seizures . The problem had a solution: he had to be operated on. However, we had to wait until he was 6 months old.

After the operation everything changed. The seizures did not reappear. Obviously our little one has sequels. That is why from the first moment he went to an early care center where they work on aspects such as motor skills, comprehension, language, behavior, etc.

I wrote this story with the intention of telling my oldest son what was happening to his brother in a way that he could understand, and the best way would be through a story. In addition, this story would help other children and adults better understand what it means to have a person with functional diversity in the family.

The project was financed by crowdfunding through the platform Verkami and it was a success. Shortly after, it was published under the editorial Nuevo Nueve .